Spektrum – a collaboration about sustainability

The aim of the sustainability project Spektrum, an interregional collaboration between Finnish Ostrobothnia, the Åland Islands and Swedish West Bothnia, is to exchange information and inspiration regarding sustainable solutions. Åland has chosen to filmatize its seven strategic sustainability goals, while Ostrobothnia has introduced its own Sustainability Week modelled after the corresponding week held in West Bothnia. During the summer 2021, Spektrum made a study visit to the Åland Islands for exchanging experiences and knowledge and for planning future collaborative projects. 

The project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through Lokalkraft Åland and Aktion Österbotten. In addition, the project has received funding from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (among others).

Spektrum films: 7 goals, 7 possibilities

These seven short films are created by Lokalkraft Leader Åland rf together with LUVIDFILM in order to illustrate different ways of working towards the seven strategic sustainability goals that comprise the Development and Sustainability Agenda for Åland.
The name Spektrum comes from specere, latin for to look at or to watch, which is what we invite you to do – we believe that a sustainable future requires that we support and inspire each other. Enjoy!

Strategic goal nr 1
Happy people whose inherent resources increase

Stefan Öfverström switched careers in order to realize his dream of contributing to a healthy society. Stefan, who has worked as an entrepreneur and shop owner, set his sights on becoming a caregiver. As a male in a female-dominated occupation, he is leading the way in breaking norms.
What can an individual do to lead a healthy life and to help others do the same?

Strategic goal nr 2
Everyone feels trust and and has real possibilities to participate in society

Aryan Tahsin shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and restaurant proprietor in central Mariehamn. Aryan talks about the Åland society and about his gratefulness for and his commitment to his new home country.


Strategic goal nr 3
All water is of good quality

Johnny Ahlström has lived sustainably for a long time and contemplated on water as a resource. In the film, Johnny presents his waterless toilet and discusses the quality of water. Is the access to clean water a given?


Strategic goal nr 4
Ecosystems in balance and biological diversity

Patricia Wiklund and Tage Eriksson take us on a tour around pastures and wetlands at Hammarudda Gård. The abstract and complex concept of biodiversity is clarified by concrete examples, and we learn more about a way of life that is dependent on rich soil. What can we do to sustain the diversity of the ecosystem?

Strategic goal nr 5
Attractive for residents, visitors, and businesses

The young couple Delfs invites us to visit their dream tourism venture on the Åland Islands. Johanna returns home from a big city life and invests in the Åland archipelago. The owners of Carlsro Badhotell inspire others to create added value in sparsely populated areas, to preserve a cultural heritage and to share it with others.

Strategic goal nr 6
Significantly higher proportion of energy from renewable sources, plus increased energy efficiency

Anna Häger, a visionary powerhouse with passion for and expertise on complex energy-related questions, provides the viewer with new insights about energy, wind and sun.


Strategic goal nr 7
Sustainable and mindful patterns of consumption and production

Fredrik Rosenqvist accepted the challenge of being a “food citizen” (matmedborgare). In the film, he discusses the great challenge posed by our consumption patterns and -habits through the lens of the Åland society.


Åland's implementation of the project

Åland’s part of the Spektrum project is mainly to create personal portraits and good examples in video format linked to the seven development goals in Åland’s sustainability and development agenda to highlight practical examples of how private individuals and small businesses apply sustainability in their everyday lives. These will be shared on social media, websites and aimed at private individuals, associations, small businesses and especially young people.

Other activities are information measures aimed at young people at major existing events, visits to Ostrobothnia / Västerbotten’s sustainability week together with partners from Ostrobothnia (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and receiving study visits from Ostrobothnia to present Åland’s sustainability work and create networks. Ostrobothnia has a direct goal in its part of the project to create a Sustainability Week.

Information and good examples of sustainable action in everyday life, sustainable development and circular economy to disseminate knowledge to the general public about examples of measures to achieve the seven development goals in Åland’s sustainability and development agenda. Knowledge exchange and networks between actors in Åland, Ostrobothnia (Finland) and Västerbotten (Sweden).

Target group
Young people, associations, small businesses, private individuals

Project manager: HS Consulting, Harriet Strandvik, harrietstrandvik@gmail.com, phone: +35840 559 2904

Our partners Finland’s Swedish 4H and YA! The Vocational Academy in Ostrobothnia is implementing a sustainability week and knowledge material in its part of the project. Sustainability Week will be an annual event week, which brings together activities, meeting places, thoughts and discussions about sustainability in Ostrobothnia. The project also produces information material on sustainable development and circular economy.


Within the framework of Leader in Åland’s rural development program 2014-2020, there is a measure for interregional and transnational cooperation. Those who can apply for support from that measure under the current LBU program are the local action group.

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